Amber Waves Tasting Tour

At A Distance

Hosted by Heartland Homecare

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Available 3/15/2021

Buy your tickets before April 30 – You are entered to WIN SWAG BAG & FIVE CHANCES TO WIN OVER $1,000!

Promotion Rules:

  • Buy tickets before April 30: Amber Waves, Delano Dash, or Golden 50/50 Raffle Tickets
  • Entered to win Swag Bag with 5 Golden 50/50 Raffle tickets included.  Winner will be notified on May 3.
  • Golden 50/50 Raffle Pot will be a minimum of $1,000.  More tickets sold, larger the pot.
  • You do not have to purchase Amber Waves or Delano Dash tickets to purchase Golden 50/50 Tickets.

Our community has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 virus, medically, socially, and economically.  We have all been hit hard. We have felt it strongly at Starkey, with persons served being supported at home without visitors, including their family.  It has been difficult, but we will get through it, together.

Amber Waves has been reimagined for 2021, keeping the essentials - craft beer, local restaurants, and shopping - in small groups during a longer period of time.

Tickets to Amber Waves Tasting Tour At A Distance include a variety of free items at local Wichita partners. You can taste delicious cuisine, sip craft beer, and shop local, all in small, safe groups during the month of May.

When you have completed your tour, receive a beverage cooler.

Delano Dash Ticket holders also get a chance to win the Golden 50/50 Raffle - 50% of the raffle proceeds! The drawing will be May 14, 2021.

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  • Is this the entire month of May? Yes! May 1 – May 31st.
  • I get my Eventbrite confirmation email with my ticket number. Do I carry that as my proof to each store? Or is there an actual ticket or bracelet?Event Guides, along with an Amber Waves Event Card the size of credit card will be mailed out. Locations will ask for the card to mark off redemption. Rolling Hills Wine & Spirits will ask to see the emailed ticket for beer redemption.
  • How will I receive my Event Guide and Event Card to all the locations? Event Guides and Event Cards are currently being mailed out, and will be mailed out for future orders within a few business days of ordering.
  • How do I sample beer? Go to Rolling Hills Wine & Spirits at Maize & Maple. Show your emailed ticket from Eventbrite. There will be a selection of beers from LDF to choose from. Make your own 6-pack to take home and sample. One 6-pack per ticket.
  • Is there wine? Grace Hill Winery is a location providing free tastings. YOU MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS.
  • When I go to a location, like Carrabba's Italian Grill, with my Amber Waves Event card, do I speak to someone there and say “I’m here as part of Amber Waves” and they will know the deal and hand me my free gift?Yes! Show the card, and they will know. The exact item will be listed on the event guide that will be mailed out. Locations will be listed on the Event Card. While there, be sure to ask where the check in page is so you can check in by scanning the QR code with your camera or QR app.
  • How do I find my order number to check in? On your emailed ticket from Eventbrite, look to the top right or bottom left.  You will use the last 4 digits to check in to locations.
  • How do I check in? And why would I want to? Check in to locations by scanning a unique QR code at each location. It will take you to a Google document where you will enter your name, email, and the last 4 digits of your order number located on your emailed ticket you received when you purchased your ticket. For ease of check in, you can write these numbers in the space provided on your Event Card. If you purchased your card early, they may be preprinted for you. You can enter two tickets at a time if you go with a friend. You will want to check in if you purchased a regular Amber Waves tickets to verify that you visited the required number of locations for your Tour Finishing gift (10 out of 18). If you want to skip checking in, consider purchasing a Delano Dash ticket. You get your Tour Finishing gift without checking in, AND a Golden 50/50 Raffle Ticket.
  • Why are you asking for my email when I check in to location? So we can notify you that you have qualified for the tour finishing gift and can give you further instructions on pick up and shipping options.
  • How will I receive my Tour Finishing Gift? Your Tour Finishing gift can be picked up at Starkey after the event. If you would like it mailed, please purchase shipping when you purchase your ticket. You will also have the opportunity to purchase shipping when notified that you have qualified for your gift.
  • I bought a Delano Dash ticket that comes with a Golden Ticket. When and how will I find out if I won? The Golden 50/50 Raffle will be drawn on May 14th.  Winner will be notified by contact information provided on ticket.  Winner will be posted here and on social media as well.  Pot is up to at least $1,000, and may go higher depending on sales. 
  • $1,000 sounds great! Do I have to buy an Amber Waves ticket to buy a Golden 50/50 raffle ticket? NO! Anyone can purchase, you need not buy any other tickets. You can purchase with the "Buy Tickets" button above.