Put Starkey To Work For You

Starkey offers a variety of business services to help meet the short-term or ongoing needs of area businesses. We offer a large workforce of 200-plus individuals, pickup and delivery and ample warehouse space to complete a wide range of projects. For example, individuals at Starkey have assembled and shipped 586 promotional buckets in the past year to Red Robin restaurants all over the U.S. The individuals with disabilities who are employed at Starkey’s main facility complete a variety of contract jobs for local businesses, including:

  • Packaging
  • Bagging
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Bulk mail processing
  • Small parts assembly
  • Electronics recycling
  • Cutting materials to length
  • Cabinet component assembly
  • Assembly of sample kits

Call Miranda Lomurno, marketing/sales, at (316) 651-3986 to learn more about our business services.

Community Employment
Looking for a great part-time or full-time employee? Individuals at Starkey have career goals and aptitudes that often match the needs of local businesses.
 Each is assigned a job coach who will train and support that person as he or she gains competence in their daily work. Benefits to your business when you employ Starkey’s workforce:

  • Cost-effective
  • Work that meets your quality control requirements
  • Ability to meet your deadlines
  • Outstanding customer service

Employers who hire workers with disabilities often qualify for tax credits, and they have the added benefit of assisting individuals in gaining valuable work experience.

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Large Labor Force

We have 100 people ready to work.
If you have a promotional packet that needs to be assembled and mailed within three days, but only have three employees in your office – we are here for you!

If your product needs to be relabeled, reorganized or rewrapped, we can be your short- or long-term solution! Individuals at Starkey can help prepare for your company meeting, a trade show or the launch of an online retail portal. We build boxes, create binders, assemble kits and more!

“We have worked with Starkey to assemble our new hire orientation buckets for distribution throughout the United States. They provide exceptional service. We search for vendors who live our core values of honor, integrity, seeking knowledge and having fun. We have continued our relationship with Starkey because they live those values and do a great job assisting us in making a great first impression with our new hires.”
Tracy Cruz, 
Director of Recruiting, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Hiring Incentives

Hiring workers with disabilities: win-win.
Do all of your employees appreciate having a job? Our workers do. And show it every day. Businesses who hire individuals with disabilities from Starkey will experience a work ethic like no other. The pride these individuals bring to their jobs, as well as the support from Starkey employment specialists who provide training and regular monitoring, make for a win-win situation.

There are also financial incentives to hire workers with disabilities: A Work Opportunity Tax Credit from the federal government for employers who hire individuals from targeted groups who have faced barriers to employment, and the Disabled Access Tax Credit or Barrier Removal Tax Deduction for the creation of an accessible workplace.

Skill Matching

We will match your needs with a worker.
We will honestly evaluate your job openings and help determine if a position is a good fit for one of the individuals from Starkey. Employment specialists help individuals with the application and interview processes, so we ensure that each person has the skills — or the capacity to learn the skills — to be an asset to your company.

The people with disabilities at Starkey have a broad range of talents that they bring to their positions at a number of local businesses, including Walmart, Presto, Westlake ACE Hardware, Carlos O’Kelly’s, Walgreens, Rolling Hills Country Club, Olive Garden, McDonalds, Davis-Moore, Wesley Medical Center and Scholfield Honda.

“Michelle is very consistent and takes pride in a job well done. She truly enjoys being a part of the ‘Walgreens Family’.”Matt Combs,
 Store Manager, Walgreens

Employment Specialists

We provide employment specialists to help along the way.
When you hire someone from Starkey, we will support that individual in being successful through our one-to-one employment coaching process. Employment specialists provide transportation to and from a job if needed and come to the job with the individual regularly to offer training and support.

Employment specialists also work with you as a supervisor to ensure that Starkey individuals are meeting the expectations for that job and building on each daily success.

Ongoing Support

We will provide ongoing support.
Some individuals from Starkey have been employed in their respective positions for as many as 18 years, and no longer need an employment specialist to check in with them daily, or even weekly, to see how they are doing.

However, this does not mean your relationship with a Starkey employment specialist comes to an end. They will still regularly communicate with you to ensure the ongoing success of the people they support.