Admission To Programs

What is an intellectual or developmental disability?
Intellectual disability is a term used when there are limits to a person’s ability to learn at an expected level and function in daily life. Levels of intellectual disability vary greatly – from very slight to very severe. For example, a child who has an intellectual disability might learn and develop more slowly than other children of the same age.

An intellectual disability can be caused by a problem that starts any time before a child turns 18 years old – even before birth. It can be caused by injury, disease or a problem in the brain. For many people, the cause of their intellectual disability is not known. Some of the most common known causes of intellectual disability – like Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, fragile X syndrome, genetic conditions, birth defects, and infections – happen before birth. Others happen during or soon after birth. Still other causes of intellectual disability do not occur until a child is older; these might include serious head injury, stroke, or certain infections.

Finding the right help
For information about admission to any of Starkey’s programs, contact the Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization at (316) 660-7630. As the appointed Community Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO), the SCDDO is the organization in charge of admissions for all service providers in Sedgwick County.
For a tour of any of Starkey’s facilities, please call us at (316) 942-4221 and ask for Jennifer Brown, admissions.