Packaging & Shipping

We can bag it, we can pack it, we can ship it.
Starkey can act as your distribution company, and has done so for a number of businesses, including fulfilling online orders for Bunkz swim trunk grommet covers and Semplifi hair care products.

We have the capacity and workforce needed to store product, fulfill orders and package items to your unique specifications. Working with Starkey allows the small business owner to focus on building the customer base, and helps the large business owner reach thousands of customers in a short amount of time.

Send us your parts to be boxed, wrapped, counted, packaged and labeled. E-mail us your orders to be shipped via U.S. mail, FedEx or UPS. We have fulfilled orders, assembled customized promotional kits and more, and are ready to help you grow your business, too.

Call Miranda Lomurno, marketing/sales, at (316) 651-3986 to learn more about how we can help your business.

“Starkey’s employment services program has been an invaluable resource. The work Starkey does is always accurate and on time. We can depend on Starkey when we have to meet a tight deadline. We appreciate the pickup and delivery service, too.”Donnamarie Senn,
 CEO, Fabricas Selectas USA