Skill Matching

We will match your needs with a worker.
We will honestly evaluate your job openings and help determine if a position is a good fit for one of the individuals from Starkey. Employment specialists help individuals with the application and interview processes, so we ensure that each person has the skills — or the capacity to learn the skills — to be an asset to your company.

The people with disabilities at Starkey have a broad range of talents that they bring to their positions at a number of local businesses, including Walmart, Source One, Presto, Westlake ACE Hardware, Fidelity Bank, Carlos O’Kelly’s, Kmart, Walgreens, The Maids, Rolling Hills Country Club, Olive Garden, McDonalds, Truck Parts, Davis-Moore, Pizza Hut and Wilco.

“Michelle is very consistent and takes pride in a job well done. She truly enjoys being a part of the ‘Walgreens Family’.”
Matt Combs,
 Store Manager, Walgreens