Group of friends at Starkey's Amber Waves Beer Walk fundraiser

Changes may be coming to Amber Waves fundraiser

From Ryan Heikes, Development Director We are reaching out to all of Starkey’s amazing supporters who purchased or sponsored tickets to Amber Waves, scheduled to be held on May 15, 2020.  The Coronavirus has forced us all to look at alternatives to how we work, and how we support the 500 people with intellectual disabilities that Starkey serves.  The stay-at-home order we are all under applies to the people Starkey serves but not to those brave staff who support them.  Many at Starkey cannot work from home as they are directly supporting those with disabilities every day in their homes.  They are continuing to put themselves in harm’s way so that those Starkey supports are able to live their lives. 

We have been looking ahead to the Amber Waves event and have a lot of amazing things planned for the walk but are now unsure if it will be able to happen as planned.  We are not making any decisions on the event as of now and are hopeful that it will be able to happen, but we are also planning for the worst.  If it is forced to be cancelled, we are working on an alternative plan where the spirit of the event will be fulfilled while still social distancing.  We are currently working with sponsors, stores and restaurants to bring the event into the comfort of your home so please bear with us while we finalize a concept called Amber Waves Grab and Go!

This event not only supports those 500 people with intellectual disabilities served by Starkey, but the hundreds of jobs for direct support professionals.  We appreciate your support and look forward to being able to make a decision on the event itself and share what we have planned.  Updates will come out again mid-April when we know more about timeline and the developing conditions.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and please stay safe, stay healthy and thank you for powering possibility!!